Introducing the CS-Pro VET

The next generation of shock wave technology.
Focused ESWT has never been more accessible.

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Key Device Features


The smallest focused ESWT device ever.

The device weighs just 14.5 oz.

The device in case with accessories is 8.2lbs


The CS-Pro VET is ideal for the vast majority of therapeutic indications.

Energy (EFD) settings ranging from 0.02 to 0.22mJ/mm2 and therapeutic volumes of over 1,000mm3.


Focused shock waves generated at every focal depth and at every possible energy setting.


Thanks to a carefully optimized focal area and consistent shock waves, the CS-Pro VET is less painful while still generating clinically efficacious treatment.


Five focal depths from 2 to 30 mm enable treatment for a wide range of indications.


Provides up to 100,000 shocks per battery charge.

Designed to deliver an industry leading 5,000,000+ pulses over it’s lifetime.

Included Accessories for CS-Pro VET

Included Accessories for CS-Pro VET

Hard Carrying Case
Waterproof IPX7, Dustproof IPX6, Mil-Spec Certified, Airline Check-in and Carry-on approved

CS-Pro VET Handheld Device Focal 

Focal Standoffs
2, 5, 10, 20, 30mm with dust covers

Hand Strap

Shoulder Strap

Li-Ion Batteries (QTY 2)


Transducer Couplant Oil

User Manual

_Curative Sound Product-105 1
All of this weighs just 8.2 lbs!

Product Training Videos

Shock Wave Comparison

YouTube video

CS-Pro VET Couplant Oil Tutorial

YouTube video

Consistent Shock Waves

YouTube video

Technical Summary and Comparisons

Product Protocol Sheets

Product Image Gallery